Two key benefits of St John’s Wort this Winter

Are you feeling in need of a gentle pick up this winter, then St John’s Wort may be right for you, whilst we know it helps to lift the mood it also supports our response to viral infections. As the full force of winter hits, the lack of sunshine, daylight hours, being indoors and cold weather can affect our health. St John’s Wort has been well researched, and has repeatedly been shown to help with mild mood imbalances. The research has identified several ways in which the herb may work; it includes inhibiting serotonin reuptake inhibitors which help to keep plenty of the feel good hormone seretonin active in the body.

Sunlight or lack of it has been shown to affect our mood balance. Because St John’s wort can make people more photosensitive, it may increase the beneficial effects of sunshine.

Apart from its effect on mood, St John’s Wort has been shown to help fight certain viruses and bacteria. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties, and can support our skin’s natural ability to heal wounds.

Top reasons why you may benefit from taking St John’s Wort:

  1. To assist with mood balance
  2. May assist managing acute viral infections
  3. May assist relieve of mild anxiety, worry about little things
  4. May assist with hormonal balance, such as during premenopausal period and PMT

Adding in a herbal supplement with some simple lifestyle changes may ensure you have a healthier winter, those lovely spring flowers will be blooming very soon.

  • Positive affirmations. Set a daily or weekly affirmation and repeat it many times each day, speak and think only positive thoughts.
  • Spending time with family and friends can be very supportive for you.
  • Laughter, sharing a joke, watching a funny movie or tv show.
  • Bach Flower remedies can be used to balance different emotional states and can be formulated individually for you.
  • A cup or two a day of Healtheries Uplift Tea may help support your mood and put some sparkle in your step.
  • Forget about the high sugar stimulant drinks, and alcohol. They do not give you a sustainable high, provide a roller coaster effect of a big energy surge and then bring you crashing down, tired, irritable and craving more.
  • High on the comfort food list is carbohydrates and for some woman it is a craving for bread, if you wish to enjoy bread, choose wholegrain/brown bread with some almond butter or cottage cheese and marmite. By increasing the protein of the food, you will probably consume less and feel full for longer.
  • Exercise increases your endorphins (feel good hormones). Find something that suits your ability and do it with a friend.
  • Sunshine, nothing like some fresh air and feeling the sunshine on your body.