Digestive Support With Probiotics & Livaux® Kiwifruit Powder

Specially formulated to support digestive and immune health, this formula combines the probiotic Bascillus Coagulans, with the goodness of Livaux®, New Zealand grown gold kiwifruit, proven to help beneficial bacteria flourish and restore gut microbiome balance.   

Available in 60 Capsules

Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

  • Supports gut flora balance for daily digestive health
  • Contains Livaux® – a natural ingredient made from New Zealand gold kiwifruit proven to help beneficial bacteria flourish
  • Supports daily immune health
  • Shelf-stable – no refrigeration required

Why use Healtheries® Digestive Support with Probiotics & Livaux® Kiwifruit Powder

An unbalanced, unhealthy gut can contribute to many different health issues – not just obvious digestive symptoms.

Taking a daily probiotic combined with the benefits of Livaux® kiwifruit powder – can support you in rebalancing your digestive system by increasing your levels of beneficial bacteria and helping them flourish. This can keep unfriendly bacteria from gaining a foothold in your body, support your digestion, immune system and even support with absorbing some important nutrients.