Green Tea with Mandarin


Have you always wanted to try Green Tea but perhaps you aren't so sure of the taste? Healtheries Green Tea with Mandarin is a tasty blend, combining the antioxidant properties of Green Tea with the citrus notes of mandarin.

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Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

  • A cleansing and stimulating lift
  • With notes of citrus
  • Green tea boasts a generous level of antioxidants to help you feel revitalised
  • Revitalising the mind
  • A refreshing alternative to coffee and tea

Why use Green Tea with Mandarin?

Why use Green Tea with Mandarin?

Healtheries Green Tea with Mandarin is a zesty and refreshing tangy green tea perfect for invigorating the senses.
This superior quality green tea is nature’s powerhouse, with natural antioxidant properties. Healtheries Green Tea with Mandarin refreshes and revitalises the body and mind.