Ground Linseed

Gluten Free

Leading a busy lifestyle and wondering if you and your family are missing out on vital nutrients? Healtheries Ground Linseed is a source of fibre which can help to keep you regular. With a sprinkle here and there you will boost your daily intake of fibre and omega- 3. With a pleasant nutty flavour and grainy texture, linseed is perfect for adding to cereals, baking, soups, stews or even meat balls!


Key Benefits

  • Source of essential Omega- 3 fatty acids
  • Vegetarians, Coeliacs and anyone following a gluten free diet
  • Increasing Omega- 3 fatty acid intake, an essential fatty acid our body cannot make

Why use Healtheries Ground Linseed?

Why use Healtheries Ground Linseed?

As well as being a great source of fibe, it’s perfect for adding to baking, cereals and cooking for a delicious nutty flavour. So enhance the flavour and fibre content in baking, cereals, stews, soups and salads.