Happy Tummy Probiobic Gummy Bears for Kids

Berry FlavourEasy to TakeGreat Taste

Looking for an easy way to support your little one's digestive health?
Our Happy Tummy Probiotic Gummy Bears for kids are a healthy dose of fun, perfect for doing just that! They taste delicious and make a great option for a fun everyday top-up to support your child’s gut flora balance.

Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

  • Formulated to support your child’s digestive health.  They also taste great and are super easy to take. 
  • Each gummy bear contains a specific probiotic strain that supports gut flora balance.

Why choose Healtheries® Gummy Bears?

Our gummy bears for the kids are a great introduction to supplements for your little ones! They taste delicious and each one provides a little extra support for kid’s health.