Magnesium Deep Sleep with 5-HTP

with 100mg of 5-HTP

Healtheries® Deep Sleep is specially formulated to support a deep & restful night’s sleep. Combining Magnesium to help relax muscles and ease nervous tension, plus 100mg of 5-HTP and Passionflower to help calm the mind and body – this formula will help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Available in 60 Capsules

Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits


  • Contains 100mg of 5-HTP, plus Passionflower to calm the mind and body
  • Contains Magnesium to help relax tense muscles
  • Supports a deep & restful night’s sleep
  • Eases nervous tension

Why use Healtheries® Magnesium Deep Sleep with 5-HTP

Stress and worry can lead to increased sleep difficulties.  Magnesium helps to relax tense muscles as well as support a healthy nervous system which is needed to maintain good sleep patterns. 5-HTP supports the healthy production of serotonin levels in the brain. Healthy levels of serotonin are linked to a feeling of wellbeing and mental calmness.