Multi Gummy Bears for Kids

Easy to TakeGreat TasteTropical Flavour

Looking for an easy way to support your little one's wellbeing?
Our Multi gummy bears for kids are a healthy dose of fun, perfect for doing just that! They taste delicious and they make a great option for a sweet afternoon vitamin top-up.

Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

  • Healtheries® Multi Gummy Bears are yummy bear-shape gummies that are not only fun to eat but also help to support your child’s general health and immune system.
  • Each multivitamin gummy bear contains 11 important vitamins and minerals.

Why choose Healtheries Gummy Bears?

Why choose Healtheries Gummy Bears?

Our gummy bears for the kids are a great introduction to supplements for your little ones! They taste delicious and each one provides a little extra support for kid’s health.