Naturally Slim Essential Protein with Super Reds

Naturally Slim Essential Protein with Super Reds

Why use Healtheries Naturally Slim Essential Protein with Super Reds- Raspberry Yoghurt Flavour?

Healtheries Naturally Slim formula is a delicious, nutritious all-in-one shake. High in protein with added fibre and super reds, Naturally Slim Essential Protein is the perfect companion for those who may be time poor and looking for a nutritious protein top up.   Raspberry yoghurt flavoured Naturally Slim Essential Protein is formulated with high protein to satisfy hunger and help keep you feeling fuller for longer as well as prebiotic fibre to aid digestion Naturally Slim Essential Protein also contains added Super Reds blend, consisting of 6 of our favourite red superfoods; Blueberry, Beetroot, Blackcurrant, Tart Cherry, Pomegranate and Cranberry.

Great for

  • A simple and convenient high protein snack with added fruit & vegetable powders- a nutrient boost for those who are time poor
  • Replacing a snack or dessert with a satisfying & tasty shake - perfect for your weight management programme
  • Blending with milk or non- dairy alternative, coconut water, or water for a lower calorie option
  • Making tasty and nutritious smoothies- just add you favourite smoothie ingredients

Allergen & Nutrient Information

  • Contains Milk and Soy products
  • Please do not use these shakes as your only food source – they are not intended to replace your total diet
  • Enjoy in conjunction with a healthy diet, lots of fluids and exercise