Peppermint Original Tea

Caffeine FreeDigestionRefreshing

Our Peppermint tea is cool, refreshing and provides a wonderful flavour and aroma. Great as an after-dinner delight, cleansing the palate after meals and settling the stomach. Peppermint tea is the perfect cuppa to recalibrate your senses.

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Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

  • Relaxing tea to refresh your senses
  • Caffeine free alternative to coffee and tea
  • Stomach calming
  • Aids digestion
  • Refreshing and invigorating
  • Cleansing the palate after meals

Why use Peppermint Original Tea?

Why use Peppermint Original Tea?

Healtheries Peppermint Original Tea is caffeine free with a refreshing flavour and revitalising aroma. Contains 100% peppermint traditionally used for soothing and calming the digestive system.