Weight Management with Naturally Slim®

Weight loss is no easy feat but establishing healthy habits is the first step to achieving your goal. Steer clear of fad diets and start with these 10 steps.

Healtheries Formula For Slimming Success

Are you struggling to maintain your ideal weight? It can be a real challenge in today’s world of work, children, and social activities. Now Healtheries can help you to break the cycle of weight gain, so that you can be the energetic, healthy person you know you can be. Naturally Slim products have been formulated especially with the busy person in mind.

This program is about lifestyle change and emphasises the need for a balanced intake of nutritious foods with exercise. When this program is combined with a daily exercise plan then weight loss occurs gradually, permanently, and at a natural pace. Sudden extreme weight losses encourage your body to gain weight faster when you go off your diet.

There are no guidelines given for amounts of foods, however serving sizes suggested are whatever will fit into the palm of your hand. This helps to avoid a dependence on measurement of foods, which is not part of a healthy eating lifestyle.

Healtheries Naturally Slim® Plan

Healtheries Naturally Slim® Plan

Aim to replace one meal and/or snack with Naturally Slim® Powder to wean calories out of your diet while being satisfied by the high fibre content. Replace high energy or caffeinated drinks with Herbal Tea.


  • Start the day with a bowl of delicious fresh fruit salad including apples, oranges, pears, kiwifruit, or berries. Add natural acidophilus yoghurt and top with Healtheries Bircher Muesli, OR
  • Wholegrain toast with poached eggs, tomato, and parsley, OR
  • Healtheries Naturally Slim® Powder blended with low fat acidophilus yoghurt and trim milk

Morning tea

  • Healtheries Herbal Tea.


  • Have a crunchy lunch of fresh colourful salad combining lettuce, carrot, beetroot, parsley, spring onions, and cucumber.
  • Top with high protein foods such as tuna or salmon in spring water, lean meat, skinless chicken, eggs, cottage, ricotta, or quark cheeses and a low fat salad dressing.
  • Still hungry? Add tasty wholegrain breads, wholegrain rolls, wholegrain pita bread, Healtheries Grain Wafers, ryvita, and crispbreads

Afternoon tea

  • Healtheries Naturally Slim® Powder blended with trim milk
  • Serving of fresh fruit or crisp carrot and celery sticks


  • For dinner make sure your meat is lean or your chicken is skinless. Add a range of colourful vegetables and some brown rice for a filling but low calorie health meal.


  • Healtheries Herbal Tea.


  • Exercise briskly for a minimum of half an hour per day. Regular exercise boosts your metabolic rate, helps to regulate appetite, eases nervous tension and increases bone density and muscle flexibility and tone

Why use Healtheries Naturally Slim® Products?

  • The high fibre content enhances digestion, reduces fat and cholesterol levels, and improves bowel regularity.
  • No medications or stimulants in these products means no dependencies, side effects, or withdrawal symptoms.
  • To encourage regularity with meals and a healthy routine.

Please note these products are not to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. We suggest contacting your health practitioner if you intend to start a weight loss program.