Energise Tea with Superfruits

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Feeling zapped by the mid-afternoon, struggling to focus and just desperate for an energy top-up? Recharge your batteries with a delicious 100% caffeine-free Energise with Superfruits Tea.

Available in boxes of 20 tea bags.

This product is discontinued

Manufacturing of this product has stopped. Based on Average stock life it may be available in retails for up to 6 months. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please find similar products below

Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits


  • Recharge your batteries with 100% caffeine free Healtheries Energise Tea with Superfruits
  • Nature’s ‘pick-me-up’
  • Replacing a caffeine containing drink with a great tasting caffeine free herbal tea
  • Energising your mind when you’re lacking concentration

Why use Energise with Superfruits Tea?

Why use Energise with Superfruits Tea?

This naturally revitalising ‘pick-me-up’ blends ginseng with the tangy superfruit goodness of acai, goji, blackcurrant and cranberry to charge your senses. A quick ‘pick-me-up’ herbal tea ideal for when you’re feeling stressed