Milk Biscuits - Vanilla


Healtheries Milk Biscuits are convenient, nutritious and come in four delicious flavours

  • Ideal snack for topping up calcium and energy intakes in children, teenagers and active adults
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners

Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

  • Active people as a convenient energy snack    
  • Calcium-boosting snack for children and teenagers

Why use Healtheries Milk Biscuits?

Why use Healtheries Milk Biscuits?

Looking for a tasty yet convenient snack to boost energy? Healtheries Milk Biscuits are like a milk shake packaged into a biscuit providing you with a source of calcium and energy. They come in a delicious range of chocolate, vanilla and banana flavours and make for a nutritious snack. Kids will love them, and adults too!

Whether you are involved in sport and fitness training or off tramping through the bush, you’ll find these milk biscuits a convenient energy top-up.